Start Rek, 2006
Single channel
4:3 video
stereo sound
14:00 minutes
Start Rek was a work made for an exhibition called Resistance is Futile, Margaret Lawrence VCA Gallery, 2006. Curator Kim Donalson based the theme around various manifestations of the Star Trek series. I took some episodes from the first television series of the Star Trek and inserted myself into the shows using very basic and inexact compositing techniques. The work was deliberately lo-fi and completed in a rapid two week period.
The intention was to playfully subvert the dogmatic ideology always present in the show, to muck about with the temporal possibilities of the medium. The work was intended to be projected to demark its format from that of the original show. Here though, the series returns to the TV with other results. Most importantly though, the key intention of the work was that it enabled the artist to fulfil his lifelong desire to be a character in the Star Trek series.

© All images copyright and courtesy of the artist and Nellie Castan Gallery Melbourne