Robin Hely has had a checkered career as an artist working mainly in the medium of deception. The last decade has seen him masquerading as a missing person, attempting to deliver large unwieldy packages to unknown recipients in Oporto Portugal, filling up Conical gallery with cardboard boxes, building illegal sculptures in downtown Melbourne, going on blind dates wearing a hidden cameras and setting up secret underground organizations dedicated to altering the perceptions of their participants. Hely was born on a sheep farm somewhere in New Zealand and purchased a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Photography on the internet during 1993. After traversing the globe and learning the trade of a fine artist he returned to New Zealand to study. Following the erection of two billboards in conjunction with a spurious advertising campaign he was awarded a Masters in Fine Arts with distinction. Hely now resides somewhere in Victoria and believes that he can heal people with the power of His Gaze.
“Whatever his shortcomings as a human being, he’s undeniably an amazing artist. And his sociopathy and his genius kind of go hand in hand. “As an artist, I have a big problem,” he said to me once. “I don’t really like art. I just love fucking with peoples’ heads.” Yeah.”Interventionist performance art”, he’s calling it now. Previously known as “interactive public theatre”. I still like “reality art”. Whatever it is, it’s something else. Oh, and then there’s Neurocam. Changed my life, y’know. I miss the evil bastard. He’s never dull.”
Robin lives and works in Victoria, Australia.
Image: The Gaze, video still, 2011.