Tap Me, 2008
Single channel
4:3 video 
stereo sound
43 seconds
Tap Me is the second video in the suite Beat Me, Tap Me, Bore Me, Claw Me 2008.
Tap Me  – but gently, as somewhere a mournful vibrato sings “O Sole Mio” (My Sun). An ever-present blood-stone ring, and “the right touch” of sensory manipulation transforms a body into a functioning mechanism. Tap Me brings into question the nature, properties and phenomena of things electric, corporeal and inexplicable. This work continues my investigation into the dynamics of training, submission and the aesthetics of sentimentality.
It is my practice to perform operations on everyday materials, manipulating them into new relationships according to set, formal rules that I invent. My process is DIY, low-fi and positively domestic. Basic materials of domestic and institutional utility are tried and tested – subjected to acts of duress and then shaped into formal relationships. Sometimes these operations are captured on camera; sometimes the actions become sculptural assemblages that are fitted and measured and precariously balanced. 

© All images copyright and courtesy of the artist and Sarah Scout Melbourne