Lisa Dethridge explores web-based storytelling  which allows the author to generate images and ideas in a digitally-enhanced, 3D video-graphic environment.  Within the colourful virtual world of Second Life, she uses “avatars” to represent characters including herself.  “When we play-back these highly sophisticated images over a single channel monitor, it seems to create a time warp, reversing the chronology of events and their re-production as images.  Instead of watching futuristic, computer-generated pictures, we seem to be watching primitive hieroglyphics from an ancient age.”
Lisa Dethridge lives and works in Melbourne. Lisa has conducted research across a wide spectrum of electronic communications media. She has worked as a research analyst for the United Nations Secretariat in New York, for NASA (US National Aerospace and Aeronautics Agency) in Houston and for Telstra and Telecom Australia. Most recently she has designed story worlds and scripts for the multi-user virtual environment Second Life for clients including Telstra Big Pond and ABC Television. She is a co-founder of RMIT’s islands in Second Life.
Dethridge has twenty years’ experience researching and writing for web, film, television, theatre, radio, print and telecoms in Australia and the United States. She produced and developed script and story material for major and independent studios and networks including Fox, Warner, Working Title, MTV, CBS, NBC, Ted Turner CNN, Granada, SBS, Dempa Japan, Conde Nast; the Australian Film Commission, the Film Finance Corporation, ABC Australia, Artist Services, 3RR Radio and TV New Zealand.
She has written for many news and lifestyle magazines including regular columns on film, architecture and travel for Vogue Magazine, The Australian, Cleo, Marie Claire and The Age. She is the author of Writing Your Screenplay, of numerous scholarly articles and of screenplays and stage plays including The War Against Short Trousers which was nominated for Patrick White Playwrite’s Award.
As a multimedia artist, she has exhibited in New York City in the commercial Gallery Sakiko and at the Pratt Institute in New York; at the Sydney Biennale and the La Trobe Uni. Sculpture Trienniale. She also worked with electronic music ensemble “The Artificial Organs” who released the album “Momento Mori.”
Lisa lives and works in Victoria, Australia.
Image: Lisa Dapto and Lisa, 2008.