Representation, 1996/2011
Single channel
4:3 video
08:46 minutes 
Representation is part of an ongoing exploration of materiality as displayed through screen technologies. These layered rushes—raw footage—are images used in other forms as part of my early experiments with digital video in the mid-1990s. It is a combination of film and digital video footage manipulated only in-camera. There are spatial and temporal discontinuities in these sequences created through modifying the camera hardware and film reels while re-recording. Film footage is reshot digitally while played at varying speeds both forward and in reverse across a flatbed editor and in projectors, colour is added via filters in reshooting, and digital ‘macroblocking’ that creates alternate images (visible as small rectangles within the image that display picture fragments from preceding frames) that are then embedded in the footage as the physical tape is ever so lightly lifted from the video heads during recording.
In 1996 my intention was to create a specific visual aesthetic by taking an analog approach to the manipulation of the then novel medium of digital video. Now my interest is in the degrees of representation this footage displays and the mix of analog and digital technologies and techniques that comprise this ‘source’ material. The distinctiveness of the CRT display in this exhibition is an important part of this work. The original Representation footage presented explicit markers of an increasingly outmoded medium of film through new media. This exhibition, in addition to reflecting the original approach to this work, inverts this relationship in offering the obsolete analog CRT to playback digital video sources.
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