James Morgan is a photographer and videographer working in portraiture, location and performance. His practice is concerned with the human relationship to constructed environments, aspects of time, and intimacy and space within contemporary culture. Since 2000 he has worked with a spectrum of celebrities and international artists, including musicians Massive Attack, The Specials, and Tony Joe White. His photographs are published regularly for In Press and the Herald Sun. His works have been exhibited at CCP and RMIT in Melbourne.
James is currently completing his final year of photography at RMIT. His practice involves the creating of video and photographs that explore portraiture, architecture though investigations of the time and space that we inhabit. His recent photographic and video projects express his intuitive and perceptive response to personal environments within urban space. His casual method of extending the boundaries of personal space through the picture plane is intrinsic to his natural style and intuitive eye. His recent videos Hippodamian, Aami Park Time Lapse, and Street Studio capture with unique insight, the aspects of contemporary culture and visual communication that are only visible to the trained eye.
Image: Hippodamian, video still, 2010.
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