The Briefcase Incident, 2011
Single channel
4:3 video
stereo sound
06:50 minutes
Imagine an artwork that is not labelled or contextualized in any way and is not located within a designated art space. It just exists. If we happen to be in its way we become implicated; we become part of an event. To an extent we must respond to this event, we must embrace it or ignore it. To embrace it requires a significant degree of commitment to something with no obvious rewards other than ‘an experience’. If you were to encounter such an artwork, would you choose to engage?
“The Briefcase Incident” is a clip appropriated from a documentary made in 2005 about a mysterious underground organisation called Neurocam. Neurocam was rumoured to be an elaborate art project designed to engage participants in an ongoing, spontaneous, interactive narrative experience, which hoped to change the way people define what art is. The documentary never aired due to the writers not reaching any verifiable conclusions on the subject. One might conclude that the success of a project such as Neurocam is directly proportionate to its authorship and agenda remaining a mystery.

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