Art Only on Sundays,
Jake Chapman Lecture Tour, 2008
Single channel
4:3 video
stereo sound
04:46 minutes
Videographer/Editor: Anne Scott Wilson
(aka Anthea Ford Coppola)
Footage: Jake and Dinos Chapman,
Sacrificial Death and Mutilation in Modern Art, 2003
Julie Panini is a character I have invented that caricatures arts journalism. She has her own mock TV arts program Art Only on Sundays. ‘Julie spouts political correctness and moral affront, disapproving with condescending righteousness, of the celebrity status of Jake Chapman, and the PavModern tour, for example.’ 1
In the video work for this exhibition, Julie’s lines are all taken from real life, they are words different media people said to me  when I toured Jake Chapman in 2004.  When I was playing Julie (from 2004 – 2009) she was a means of surviving the art world, role play, a form of therapy.
1. Ted Colless, ‘Institutional Censorship, Money and Romance’, Contemporary Broadsheet Vol. 33 No. 3, September – November 2004
© All images copyright and courtesy of the artist