Car Troubles, 2009
Single channel
4:3 video
stereo sound
12:55 minutes
Videography: Garreth Taylor and Gaby Mason
Music: Tjupi Band and Wanatjarra Band
Car Troubles was a project that facilitated interaction within our community across many platforms. It was written in local Aboriginal language in our own words, and was produced by our people on our Country. Founded on Balgo’s wealth of cultural practice, it is an inclusive video project that was created for all generations. Based on local narrative, Car Troubles is a drama about the real issues and events that effect young men who live on a remote community.
Like the medium of digital video and the Internet, the car is an essential part of living on an isolated township. It connects community activities from all regions and facilitates transportation to Country, and off site Law activities.
The continuing opportunity to expand our voice through video initiatives significantly contributes to the social and cultural well being of the Indigenous residents of the Kutjungka region. Warlayirti Artistsis the only organisation in the region to offer Indigenous people the opportunity to ongoingly participate in the market economy.

© All images copyright and courtesy of the artist and Warlayirti Artists Balgo